Raven Audio Speaker Waveguide

Proprietary Waveguide

A listening room affects the overall sound of most loudspeakers as much as any other single component. Our proprietary waveguide was developed with the purpose of making the Corvus as room-neutral as possible. To accomplish this, we developed and incorporated a specially shaped 3-dimensional waveguide. As a result, Corvus delivers more detail in the high-range and establishes an incredibly well-defined sound stage. Because of this, you hear less of the room and more of the music!

Mastering Level Sonic Accuracy

Speakers used in mastering facilities have to be a completely reliable reference point for the sound engineer. Mixing, equalization, and other adjustments are made based on what the engineer or producer hears thru their reference monitors. Only a rare breed of speakers achieve this level of performance. Toward that end, it is equally at home in the living room of an audiophile as it is in a mastering or mixing suite in Nashville or Hollywood.

Detailed, Musical and Sweet

Most mastering grade speakers are very clinical and dry. They are designed to give you exactly what is there but, the fact is, they simply are not pleasant to listen to. The Corvus Reference achieves an astonishing equilibrium between accuracy and musical sweetness. No matter your musical taste, from classical music to classic rock, Corvus Reference provides an exceptional listening experience.

Ruler Flat Response

A flat frequency response across the full range of music is not the only component in musical accuracy but, it is an essential one. The Corvus has an amazingly flat response and it’s high-frequency waveguide helps minimize the effects of a given room on it’s higher frequencies. When listing through the Corvus Reference Monitor, you’ll be amazed at how well you can hear every sound.

Lighting-Fast Impulse Response

An impulse response is the ability of a speaker to start and stop at the beginning and end of a tone. This is another key factor in obtaining musical accuracy. Corvus utilizes a properly designed sealed enclosure to achieve the fastest impulse response possible.


Ultra Low Resonance Enclosure

Great care was taken with the design and build quality of the Corvus enclosure. To reduce any possibility of resonance, we use high-grade, high-density 1″ MDF. Speaker cabinets typically have resonant frequencies that vibrate sympathetically with certain musical tones. When this happens it adds unwanted coloration to the sound. The only sound produced should be from the speaker drivers themselves, not the cabinet.


Enclosure: Sealed

1 X 1.1” (29mm) Ring-Radiator Tweeter
2 X 7” (171mm) Poly Cone Woofer

Sensitivity: 91dB (2.83V/1m)

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response:
60Hz – 20 kHz ±1 dB kHz (32Hz – 28 kHz ±3 dB KHz)

Recommended Power:
20W Raven Tube Amp; 100W Solid State / 300W (Max)

23.5”H x 15”D x 9.5”W (64.6cm x 38.1cm x 24.1cm)

Weight: 46 lbs. (20.4 kg)

Black cloth over a rigid frame;
attaches securely with powerful magnets


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