Blackhawk MK3.1

Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier

Building on the same philosophy as the Nighthawk, the Blackhawk adds Raven’s premium custom capacitors and other components in the signal path, the result is a wider and deeper soundstage. Available in Metallic Black with Silver trim. Order online or call us at 318-703-4542

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Are you on the fence about whether or not a Raven Audio tube amp can truly make a difference in your sound? We understand your concern. The best way to know is to try one of our tube amp’s in your system and hear for yourself. We’re so confident that you’ll love the sound, we’ll give you 45 days to try it. If you decide you’re not in love, just send it back for a full refund, minus shipping, and a modest 7% restocking fee.

“This sound is BEAUTIFUL and does indeed beat my $10,000 McIntosh MA-8000”

~ Steve Huff – SteveHuffPhoto.com

“Here I am right now, listening to the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE . . . and the sound just floats around me . . . the vocals are as pure as pure can be, uber realistic and haunting. This sound is BEAUTIFUL and does indeed beat my $10,000 McIntosh MA-8000 when it comes to that sound.

In fact, I would say that if you were looking for a great tube integrated, I have never heard any better up to $6500 and it sounds VERY similar to the Audio Research VSi75 that comes in at nearly $10k, but with more authority.”

American Made

Did we mention Raven is American-made? This is directly related to our core culture at Raven Audio. Our quality of construction and sound quality standards means that we must manufacture in America. We hold our partners to the highest level of quality requirements which means we have to be physically near every part of the manufacturing process.

Nighthawk High Pass Filter

High-Pass Crossover

This addition to the Avian series provides an extraordinary advantage when using a subwoofer. It frees the power amp from 65% of the load it normally has to bear. This is like tripling the power of the amplifier in terms of its ability to drive speakers. It also frees smaller speakers from reproducing low bass frequencies that they really don’t reproduce very well which lowers overall distortion. This is all achieved with a gentle 6db per octave slope making it easy to achieve a seamless transition with a good quality subwoofer.

Proprietary audio/power transformers

Because power and audio transformers are essential to the Avian series design, custom transformers for both electrical power and audio had to be designed. Again, these are built in the U.S.A and are designed to last a lifetime.

Nighthawk RCA Connectors

Studio-Grade Connectors

All of our MK3.1 series Avian integrated amplifiers have upgraded non-pc board studio-grade RCA connectors made by Neutrik for Raven Audio. The copper and other metal alloy combination are the same as Neurtik’s high-end XLR connectors that are in all of the best recording studios in the world. Each connector is individually hand soldered.

Our speaker binding posts are constructed in the same way. They accept banana, spade, and bare wire as large as 8 gauge.

Features and Specifications

Output 20wpc
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Speaker terminals 4 and 8 ohm
Inputs 5 Stereo RCA inputs
Sub output / variable out 1 Stereo RCA output
Recommended speaker sensitivity 85dB and greater
Dimensions W 15.5" x D 14" x H 6.5"
Weight 35lbs
Tube Complement
2 x 12AT7 - Preamplifier stage
2 x 12AT7 - Power amplifier first stage
2 x 12AU7 - Phase inverter/driver
4 x 6L6GC - Power tubes
Self-biasing (never needs adjustment)

5 reviews for Blackhawk MK3.1 Integrated Amplifier

  1. Ben Oleander

    I have been a long-time fan of solid-state equipment going back to the days of David Haefler and his wonderful sounding amplifiers and pre-amps. This equipment could be bought for a reasonable price as they sold them in kits, and then assembled yourself. This was my main setup for many years until about two years ago when I decided to retire this vintage equipment and upgrade my entire system.

    I went through the usual steps of reading reviews of many audiophiles as well as all the trade reviewers and started to wonder what a tube amp and preamp would sound like. I was always concerned that tube equipment would be too dark for my taste and not produce the detailed music I was accustomed to. During my research, I was drawn to a reoccurring theme amongst the many reviewers of various tube manufactures, the customer service provided by Dave Thomson from Raven Audio. He would personally speak with each person regarding any questions they may have with the Raven sound and how it would integrate with their existing system. Based on this, as well as the outstanding reviews Raven Audio were receiving for their superb sounding equipment, I made the call. To my surprise, Dave personally took my call and answered every question that I had. Not only did he answer all my questions, he was so passionate about the new Avian Series tube amplifiers about to be released, that I found myself feeling his excitement. I have been around a long time to know what a typical salesman sounds like, and Dave was not. He was proud of the accomplishment achieved with this new line-up that he wanted to share it with people. This was new territory for me as my Haefler was a 110-watt amp and the Blackhawk that I was looking at was only 20 watts, and my concern was the ability for this amp to power my 88dB speakers. Dave assured me that would not be a problem. So based on my listening preferences, Dave set-up my pre-amp tube arrangement and knowing that I had a 45-day in-home triaI….I figured I had nothing to lose.

    I now have had my Blackhawk amplifier for over 3 months now and I can tell you this truly is a wonderful sounding integrated amplifier. The sound is warm and detailed, not dark at all, but has the sound of a solid-state amplifier that I have always appreciated. The depth of the music along with a wide soundstage gives the impression of a live performance right in my listening area. Compared to my old Haefler, I am hearing instruments that I did not hear previously. Granted we are talking about 40-year-old technology, but the Haefler’s were known for their incredible performance in its day and still to this day. The Blackhawk is really a beautiful looking amp with a simplistic layout and along with a user-friendly remote has satisfied me completely, that I forgot about the 45-day in-home trial. The power of this 20-watt amplifier has amazed me as I have never once since I’ve owned this amp had to push this beyond half volume. It should be rated higher than 20 watts. Although I never listened to any other tube amplifier or pre-amp other than the Blackhawk from Raven Audio and people might say you cheated yourself by not doing any comparisons, I disagree. When you find the sound experience that takes you on a ride every time you listen to music, you know you have found something. I can’t state it enough, if you are in the market for an integrated amplifier that outplays its modest price point, you owe to yourself to take the 45-day in-home trial… you have nothing to lose.

  2. MrGrey (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Raven Audio Blackhawk MK3. I have only had it for a few days so it is barely broken in, but as soon as I turned it on I could tell it was special. A total steal at less than $4,000! I say steal because it blows away the similarly priced SS integrated that replaced a $12,000 tube amp In my system, the two of those actually being surprisingly close to each other in sound quality, but neither being even close to the Blackhawk MK3.

    I am not good at putting into audiophile terms what I am hearing but can say the voices and instruments are amazingly clear and real. The power for a 20-watt amp seems to defy logic (they are driving my 86db Salk SS8’ with ease), and there is layer upon layer of detail. What an incredible amp and one that I hope many people get the opportunity to experience.

    If you are reading this review, then I encourage you to take advantage of Raven’s 45-Day no strings attached trial period and check it out. I truly believe you will not be disappointed. Dave Thomson and his associates are as good of people to work with as there are and I know they will take good care of you.

  3. Dan Zagare (verified owner)

    “I am not a rich man. The most I have ever spent on an amp was $8,500. With that understood,
    I have enjoyed gear from Benchmark, Linear Tube Audio, Pass Labs, Prima Luna, Wyred4Sound, etc,
    While I enjoyed most of these fine amps, I was always left wanting something more. I had found
    my forever speakers (Tekton Encores} and continued to look for my forever amp.

    Six weeks ago I purchased the Raven Blackhawk. The amp came with the tubes packaged separately. I watched
    Dave’s video on tube installation and removal as I had never done this before. It was easier than
    I anticipated and the amp was up and running soon after.

    The Blackhawk sounded fine right out of the box. In my experience, it didn’t need much of a break-in period.
    I listened for hours at a time and never once found the experience fatiguing. At low to moderate levels. the
    tone and timber has great clarity and warmth. Each Tekton speaker has 16 different drivers. The Blackhawk
    produced incredible separation of instruments/performers with these speakers. The soundstage has great
    depth and width. The female voice was the best I have ever heard.

    When listening loud, the Blackhawk doesn’t disappoint. The dynamics put a smile on my face and the bass is fast and taut. Ann
    Wilson’s voice at high volumes belting out {White Lightning and Wine} is so clear and composed it
    gives me chills.

    As time went by, I began to think of moving up the Raven line, but I soon realized I was not wanting for anything with the Blackhawk.
    I’ve found my forever amp. Thank you Raven Audio!”

  4. Hebertsteven (verified owner)

    “Let me begin by saying that I am new to audiophile but grew up as a child with a dad, now 86, that was fully vested in it. Reel to Reel etc. So there is a history. I started with an EAT C Major table, Ortofon Bronze Stylus paired with Cronus Magnum II tube amp adding a pair of Golden Ear Triton 2 speakers and was really satisfied; until I wanted more. As the upgrade journey began I wanted this next system to last…. The upgrade includes a Delphi Oracle MKVI all-inclusive top of the line tonearm and ML moving coil cartridge with great Tannoy Turnberry Speakers. The million-dollar upgrade was could I find a great ‚Äúintegrated tube amp‚Äù to capture and produce sound that would make me say ‚ÄúOMG WOW‚Äù and not have to spent 10-20k on the amp? So the google search began, amp after amp, and the price range went from no value to I can‚Äôt afford 10-20k. Utube review after Utube review. Then one day while searching, Ravenaudio popped up on my screen and I clicked. I listened and learned and learned a lot from Dave, James, and Bryant. Can you believe they connected me to each other to make sure any and all questions could be answered? So while on a business trip to Dallas, Texas one of these men invited me over to their house for an in-person audition! Who does this anymore? I sat and listened to their entry-level Nighthawk playing many different genres. After about 6-8 songs looked over to the host and said ‚Äùdo I just pay you?‚Äù

    Well, he laughed a bit and said no please go to the website and purchase and use the 45-day trial so you can listen on your own equipment. I’m not here to hate on any system but I will tell you that I purchased the “Blackhawk” and never looked back and I listen for hours on this wonderful integrated tube amp that it did not even come close to breaking the bank. When Dave and James, on utube, tell you to compare to Macintosh, etc they are doing it with great confidence. This amp will dance with your system like they were conceived in heaven, drawing you into an abyss. The amp never went back and I am now a Raven tube roller with the best tube guy “Dave” in the business.

    If you want stars on this review it is a 5-star amp for a super price. I just hope they can keep enough stock because as people really catch this value, well good luck! Did I mention the quality, watch the utube video from Dave and James; NASA build quality! Try tube rolling on a Cronus Magnum II vs this Blackhawk. This Blackhawk is built like a Stealth tank and will last for decades. I could go on more but I think you get the just, so good luck and great listening, and thanks to all you at Raven Audio. Steve”

  5. cpierce (verified owner)

    “Greetings everyone,
    I just had the pleasure of receiving the new upgraded Blackhawk MK3.1 yesterday. After unpacking (in one of the best & safest packaging boxes) and looking over the amp and following the instructions on tube installation, I placed the amp in my system . As soon as I heard the music I could tell that this is a special product. Everything positive I have read and researched about the amp is accurate and true. I did chose the upgraded preamp tubes available from Raven Audio. I do plan in the near future to order another set of preamp tubes to enjoy the fun of “”tube rolling”” something that will be interesting and a great learning experiece. Nice to know one can easily customize the sound by swapping different NOS tubes made back in the 50’s & 60’s.

    The build quality is fantastic, solid and beautiful just to look at but what it does for your music enjoyment is the best part. I have a difficult time ( in technical terms ) trying to describe what I am hearing, but I know the sound is very enjoyable. The music is out in the room kind of surrounding you, instead of coming at you from two directions. I presently have two stereo systems, using horn loaded speakers in both, and have already listened to the Blackhawk in the two. One of the things I like about the amp is it is very easy to carry and switch between systems. The handles are very sturdy.

    I know there is a forty five day trial so you can determine if you like the amp or not, something that is a good business practice. Not many audio products can be experieced and listened to these days unless you travel to do this. I can happily say that I will not be returning the amp as it is a keeper! If you are reading this and debating if the Raven Blackhawk (or any other Raven amp) is right for you, give it a try….. I beleive you will not be disappointed! I’m glad I did.”

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