Osprey MK3.1

Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier

The Osprey is an amazingly capable stereo tube amplifier that drives speakers with all delicacy, attention to detail, and musicality of the Nighthawk and Blackhawk but, with even more power and authority. Available in Metallic Black with Silver trim. Order online or call us at 318-703-4542



Are you on the fence about whether or not a Raven Audio tube amp can truly make a difference in your sound? We understand your concern. The best way to know is to try one of our tube amp’s in your system and hear for yourself. We’re so confident that you’ll love the sound, we’ll give you 45 days to try it. If you decide you’re not in love, just send it back for a full refund, minus shipping.

“Raven’s Osprey MK3”

~ Ron Nagle – Enjoy The Music

Let me use my own PrimaLuna Prologue Integrated amplifier as a comparison. I have owned the Prologue for several years and I know it’s sound intimately. It is an early version, one of the first in the PrimaLuna line. Still, it makes a rather fair comparison to the Osprey review subject. There are similarities; The PrimaLuna is powered by four matched KT88 tubes churning out 33 Watts per channel. The Raven Osprey is rated at 30 Watts per channel and is powered by four matched 7581A tubes. I’ve never thought that the sound of my Prologue was in anyway lacking with the possible exception of some low bass drive. But I am not into seismic bass so I never thought that it was important. My Prologue Amplifier has a nice Tube’y top to bottom voice that seems real and natural.

Yet compared to what I’m experiencing now with the Osprey MK3 in my system. I can hear most of the same top to bottom tube generated even order harmonic tonal retrieval. But now you can add to that much better definition. The overall effect is a deeper stereo sound stage. Small details that were buried and overridden appear now in a more dimensional sound field… With the Osprey pushing notes there is an unexpected reality that moves forward and sits in my lap. 

For a brief time that’s the gift the Osprey has given me. In my 30 year long pursuit to bring music into my home, this is the best of times. The Raven Osprey and specifically the Mark 3 version is built like a tank to last for decades. At $4895 the amplifier is not cheap. But if you see it and hear it you can appreciate for yourself where the money went. No expense was spared in its design and construction. If you can afford it then don’t deny yourself, go and audition, you won’t regret it. You will have a 45 day home trial to make up your mind or if you might opt to return it. The Raven Osprey amplifier paints a better musical reality then anything I presently own.”

American Made

Did we mention Raven is American-made? This is directly related to our core culture at Raven Audio. Our quality of construction and sound quality standards means that we must manufacture in America. We hold our partners to the highest level of quality requirements which means we have to be physically near every part of the manufacturing process.

Nighthawk High Pass Filter

High-Pass Crossover

This addition to the Avian series provides an extraordinary advantage when using a subwoofer. It frees the power amp from 65% of the load it normally has to bear. This is like tripling the power of the amplifier in terms of its ability to drive speakers. It also frees smaller speakers from reproducing low bass frequencies that they really don’t reproduce very well which lowers overall distortion. This is all achieved with a gentle 6db per octave slope making it easy to achieve a seamless transition with a good quality subwoofer.

Proprietary audio/power transformers

Because power and audio transformers are essential to the Avian series design, custom transformers for both electrical power and audio had to be designed. Again, these are built in the U.S.A and are designed to last a lifetime.

Nighthawk RCA Connectors

Studio-Grade Connectors

All of our MK3.1 series Avian integrated amplifiers have upgraded non-pc board studio-grade RCA connectors made by Neutrik for Raven Audio. The copper and other metal alloy combination are the same as Neurtik’s high-end XLR connectors that are in all of the best recording studios in the world. Each connector is individually hand soldered.

Our speaker binding posts are constructed in the same way. They accept banana, spade, and bare wire as large as 8 gauge.

Features and Specifications

Output 30wpc
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Speaker terminals 4 and 8 ohm
Inputs 5 Stereo RCA inputs
Sub Output / variable out 1 Stereo RCA out
Recommended speaker sensitivity 84dB and greater
Dimensions W 15.5" x D 14" x H 6.5"
Weight 35lbs
Tube Complement
2 x 12AT7 - Preamplifier stage
2 x 12AT7 - Power amplifier first stage
2 x 12AU7 - Phase inverter/driver
4 x 6L6GC - Power tubes
Auto-biasing (Typically does not need adjustment but can be for vintage tubes)


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