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I LOVE my new Soniquil Audiophile RCA Cables

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I wanted to extend my congratulations and complete elation over my order of the two sets of the Soniquil Audio Cables. They say impression is everything and both of you delivered in customer service and presentation of these beautiful cables. Not only am I impressed by every thorough detail you two have committed to your customer by having these in my presence within two days but the craftsmanship is undoubtedly filled with audiophile love.

These are not your typical run of the mill RCA. From the tip of the connectors, the black brass painted shielded cover to eliminate interference at most RCA weakest point to the body of the cable wrapped high durable mesh shielding. These cables solved my low volume 60 cycle hertz hum throughout my system with the “high end” monster RCA cables.

I have been in the audio industry as a private consultant for over 21 years. Seen a variety of manufacturers oversell and over-promise of their products just to realize the longevity and craftsmanship as a typical and at par at best. I also became a fan of the Audioquest line. What separates Raven Audio from the pack is that again the love of audiophile, hand-built craftsmanship and made right here in the USA.

I will highly recommend your products to many of my associates and look forward to continuing business with the best brand in the audio industry - Raven Audio.

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Thank you so much Jason - for such a lovely response about our cables.  We will always be here for you when you need more products, or if anything come up that you may need assistance with.  Call me on my cell, and know that I don't take a day off when it comes to customers.  When it comes to audio, it's all of us at Raven Audio's passion.  We will be here for you.

Again, Thank You Sir!

Dave Thomson


Raven Audio