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Nighthawk comparison to Blackhawk

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For almost a year I revealed in the beauty of my Nighthawk. With the exception of one cranky Brimar pair, musical bliss was where I lived. But...as is the case with addiction, I couldn't get the question out of my mind. Could the Blackhawk be better? James C. hooked me up with the upgrade. What can I say? Words fail me to convey the improvement. With my Klipsch Lascalas the CD's, LP's, and even cassettes (I know crazy right?) the tunes are truer, clearer, more human, 3-D...use any audiophile term in style at present. Its exceptionally better. (In my system) Mullard, Brimar, Volvo set in my preamp. Chinese power tubes (I hate to admit) complete the ensemble. My expectations have been exceeded multiple times. Raven Dave, James C. and Bryant W. have made it possible for a lowly painter subcontractor to acquire a sound system so enrapturing, so engaging, my life joy has been significantly enhanced. I'm sure running Raven Audio company isn't easy but this is one person, one family whose life has been radically enriched thanks to your efforts. My wife, sons, and my Bible study guys....(who often stay late enjoying the Blackhawk singing) all benefit from your efforts. The Blackhawk is significantly better than the Nighthawk IMO. Well worth the price difference. Actually for the sound it produces, I rate the Blackhawk as the better deal. Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work!!!  

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Is there a Nighthawk to Blackhawk upgrade available?


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@don There is indeed~!  Call James @ Shreveport

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Don, I just had it done.  I went for an upgrade where you keep the same case and they just change the internals.  It was less expensive than the trade in and James said it would sound the same as a Blackhawk.