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For those of you who may have yet to hear...     The original founder/owner of the wonderfully audacious and highly opinionated "Listener" magazine, staff writer at the Absolute Sound before moving to the industry's top publication, writing his first column "Listening #1" in 2003, and Since 2015 deputy editor at Stereophile, the iconic, fierce, smart, witty, sarcastic, acidic yet masterful, bold and hilarious, and always supremely entertaining Art Dudley has passed. 

Truly one of, if not THE audio world's best writers and foremost personalities bar none, Art left us after a short illness on April 14th of this year.

My wife Gabrielle and I were lucky enough to meet and spend a few hours with him and his unpredictable dog Chatter at his home in Cherry Hill, New York few years back while bringing him a pair of Raven Audio's Spirit MK2 300B Monoblocks.  Over the years we talked briefly from time to time, mostly at the audio shows. 

I always considered it a true honor to know one of our industry's absolute best and most well-known writers.  He was quick to notice us as a bold newcomer in a crowded industry making sure to point out our early weaknesses and unforgiving enough to teach us a lesson on how serious it was to allow even the tiniest of mistakes get by us.  I made sure that never again occurred.  Thank you Art Dudley, you will always be missed.  Your legacy is as outstanding as you were, and we are thankful to have had you.

Read About Art Dudley Here.