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Blackhawk LE

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Got my Blackhawk LE about a yr ago and Dave helped me get Telefunken and Brimar Yellow T's in there for my Klipsch Heresy III's. Unbelievable how good but I couldn't resist the Heresy IV's. They are a quantum leap better than the III's (with the new crossovers,porting, Polyimide mid, no more sibilance) and when paired with Raven's Blackhawk LE it has found a forever home. This Amp and these tubes are a delight to human ears with ANY genre of music. THANKS DAVE AND RAVEN AUDIO.

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Thanks Mark for the nice post! 

Operations - Raven Team

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No Mark...   Thank YOU~!  

We really love it when our customers are happy, and especially when they take their valuable time to share this information with the rest of the audio world and what the results can be achieved when they match their Raven Audio products with other equipment.  It is in fact the entire reason why we have this forum. 

I am so glad that you are posting here and hopefully in the other audio forums as well.  This can really help Klipsch owners know how well our amplifiers team up with their speakers.  This is so important these days.  With so many other brands out there it's easy to get confused and sometimes misled.  I in fact was just telling a Klipsch fan from Houston yesterday about your Klipsch/Raven system and how good it must be.  There are in fact quite a few Klipsch and other hornspeaker owners out there that use Raven Audio Avian Series amplifiers in their systems - with outstanding results.  I only wish I could hear each system for myself...   how fun would THAT be!

Knowing about the different symbiosis between brands is a BIG help for people that are considering teaming their existing speakers to our amplifiers and cables.  The same goes for our speakers and other amplifiers. 

There are many in the hornspeaker community, especially those that have been only using single-ended (SE) amps for years - that would be really shocked at the improvement the Avian Series integrated lineup could give to those systems.  So having customers give their personal opinions about things like this is really helpful to the audio community.

So thank you for your post...  and for being an active and valuable member of the Raven Audio family.  And when you have the time I am sure everyone would LOVE to see some pictures of your system~!!!

Best Wishes,

Dave Thomson