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Just received the CeLest' Towers and have been completely blown away! They are amazing performers to say the least. The CeLest's are beautiful speakers too. The soundstage they throw is very wide the detail is stunningly good and the bass sounds almost as if they had a subwoofer. Quick and articulate also describes them and they are very accurate. It's as good a purchase as I've ever made along with the equally amazing Raven Blackhawk of course!! I am very surprised at how incredible they sound on their first day, it will only improve from here and it's already great. As you can probably tell I'm completely taken by their sound and it's not my first pair of good speakers more like 50+. This pair like it's cousin the BlackHawk  is here for the long run! Thanks to Raven Audio for their great and very reasonably priced products and for their equally amazing customer service!!

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Thanks Dan! So glad you're enjoying the new CeLest'. As you know, we pour a ton of audiophile love into everything we build!

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I recently purchased a pair of Celest’ Tower Speakers as part of a package that included a Nighthawk MK3 amp and Soniquil cables. I have both for around 2 week’s now. The main reason for purchase was that the room in my new house would not accommodate my existing system. We were using my wife’s 70’s vintage Sony receiver with a set of Wharfedale 225 speakers until I could redo my system.
When everything arrived at first I setup the Nighthawk with the Wharfedale speakers and played a break-in disk for a day. When I started to play music the sound was markedly improved over what it had been. The Nighthawk made the small speakers really fill the room with sound. They throw a front to back 3d soundstage. That told me I was really going to hear something special when I hooked up the Celest’ speakers.
Several days later I hooked up the Celest’ speakers and ran the break-in disk. When I started to play music I could hear not just a front to back sound stage, but also quite a large side to side sound stage. Playing vocals such as John Pizarelli and Jane Monheit the speakers gave a presentation that made you feel that they were in the room right in front of you. I agree with others who say that lyrics really stand out. The music is quite transparent.
For the size drivers the speakers have the base is very tight and solid. I played the Dave Brubeck Time Out recording and the dynamics were quite impressive. There was more of a separation between the bass and the drums than I had ever heard. I was not just low frequency notes, but a distinct difference between the bass and drums in terms of timber and location in the sound stage. Latin recording such as the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra are presented in a very dynamic and fluid way. The percussion instruments stand out not just in sound, but in space at the correct height. The air around the instruments is more realistic than I have ever heard in my own home.
I know that Raven offers a 45 day return policy, but this is one person who decided in the first week that they were keepers. If they are not fully broken in, then when they are I can definitely say I will by more than satisfied.
Thanks to everyone at Raven who helped with this purchase.

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Wow Mike...  we are so glad that you enjoy our speakers so much.  I could say that I knew you would, but every situation is unique and the same exists with each person's ears, hearing, room reflections etc.  So far the CeLest' speakers have conquered every room we've put them into.  So far.  We are quickly running out of speakers too, so everyone out there that may be "on the fence" you need to get your orders in here!

And I would be remiss not to mention the unique talent that Raven Audio now has in James Connell - the CeLest' and Corvus loudspeaker's designer - and Bryant Wilson who's business prowess has not only kept Raven Audio afloat but has increased its footprint within the audio world and beyond!  

Once again Mike...  so happy for you!  Thanks for letting us know and for becoming a new member of the Raven Audio family~!

Dave Thomson


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