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Planning a New or Significantly Updated Stereo System

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It seems to me that the #1 priority in putting together a new system, or especially a "dream system" is the choice of speakers.  In my mind I would say, sure, I would want to pick fairly high sensitivity speakers because I want tube amplification, but the priority is the RIGHT speakers for your lifestyle; musical tastes; size and "looks"; and wife appeal.  The reason that I am waiting (rather less and less patiently right now) for the Corvus monitor speakers is that I also love the idea of ideal synergy between speakers and integrated amp.  But even there, the issue of overall appeal has to be met.  I wonder if other Forum members agree or not.  Does visual appear; "looks" and integration into ones home and lifestyle matter, or not?  I bet a lot of people-- especially men don't care very much about anything but sound; that's all right, for sure.  But in looking so far at some very nice monitors, I have decided that I would never have ugly Skylan or Sound Anchor metal stands, filled with sand no less,  in my living room, or den which are well designed and look like a home not a recording studio.  What do others think?  BTW, I don't think an "exposed" tube integrated amp is ugly, or would detract from my living space, in fact on my large art deco table it would look awesome.  My wife may demur, but she will go along with that.  I think it would look very good.  So, an ideal system: does the "look" count or not?

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Joe, Did you see the new Raven Speakers? We paired the floor standing versions in the video with our new Avian Blackhawk MK3 Integrated Tube Amp. While it is only 20watts per channel, the result was awesome. As for look vs sound. In my home, Mama is very particular about me having speakers everywhere. Lucky for me, I have my very own man cave where I get to rule the roost. So, with that in mind, it's definitely Sound First.

I do think you'll agree however that the new Raven Speakers are very nice looking and I can promise ... that the sound really delivers.

Check out this short video from the Florida Audio Expo.


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