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The British Tubes Have Arrived~!

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Raven Audio has managed to acquire a few hundred of these incredible authentic historic tubes - directly from the old Mullard distributor in the UK.  We now have several dozen matched pairs of the last copper rod/plates CV4024 (a 12AT7 equivalent) made by the Mullard Valve Works in the UK.  These tubes are in their original boxes with the wrappers intact, perfectly matched by the Mullard people themselves, and ready for our Raven Audio customers.  These tubes are fabulous sounding and fabulous looking as well. 

Look closely at the construction of these tubes, most have copper plates sandwiched in between charcoal or gray plates, with copper rods and there are even copper buss strips below the bottom mica joining the pin leads.  Just fabulous construction, evident that these are among the final runs made by the old Mullard plant in Blackburn, England.

We also managed to grab a few dozen matched pairs of some really nice Brimar black plate CV4024's as well.  These are very very close to the "Yellow T" 6060 black plates.  They in fact look exactly alike inside.  I am having a hard time telling the difference with my ears too, so we may have some really wonderful tubes here now to replace the fact that we are out of the Yellow T's.  I wish we had kept some of them actually.

Finally, we have also acquired some pairs of the final version of the old style Mullard 3-hole plates that everyone loves so much - that sell for hundreds of dollars per pair too.  But these are actually a step up from the old 3-hole plates.  These have copper plates and rods too.  This style of plate and construction was also popular with the companies that purchased and rebranded these due to their high quality level.  Brands such as Amperex, Telefunken, Valvo and Tungsram all purchased and re-branded these tubes with their own logos. 

These are the final version that has the thick copper rods, and copper buss plates at the bottom used as jumpers between the pin leads.  They are exceptional.